PMDD in Women with ADHD: Is It Real or Just Alphabet Soup?

For some time, women with AD/HD have been reported to have an increase in coexisting anxiety and mood disorders. Clinically, many of these women report severe mood disturbance during the latter half of their menstrual cycle suggestive of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). If this is indeed the case, the questions then become – Is PMDD real and what can be done about it?

Over the last decade, there has been considerable controversy about disorders of mood surrounding a woman’s menstrual cycle. It has taken years for the medical community to recognize that women suffer physical symptoms and mood disturbances around their period and that they aren’t “crazy.” Bloating, irritability, mood swings, and mild depression commonly make up symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Many women experience these bothersome PMS symptoms on a monthly basis, while another 3-9% of women suffer from a much more serious condition, PMDD or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. …

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Last Words by Dr. Davenport

21 Doctors And Nurses Share The Creepiest Last Words Uttered By A Patient Before Dying | Thought Catalog

A Quiz, for which there is no answer key; it is meant to evoke thought, ideas, conversation and – maybe – action:

A briefcase is for:
___ storage
___ transportation
___ temporary housing
___ stand-in picnic basket


When you are at lunch with friends or colleagues and your watch alarm rings, signaling you the time for your next dose of medication, you do the following:
___ turn it off and quietly take your medication
___ turn it off
___ turn it off, excuse yourself from the table, and take your medication in the ladies’ room
___ fumble about, go red in the face, explain to everyone about your medicine, your diagnosis, symptoms, and get mixed up before you’re through, forgetting whether you actually took it, or not
___ what alarm watch?


When you are late for a meeting again, you:
___ decide there have been too many of
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Children With ADHD Have Extra to Learn

Delegate. This is what we read, and hear, that as adults we are to do when it comes to those tasks at which we do not — and do not expect to — excel. When one looks up, or forward to those ahead on the trail of reh-ADD-ilitation, one can tell, as likely as not, that one reason Dr. Whosis does so well, turns out the work, gets the speaking engagements right, and to the airports on time, is that the illustrious Dr. Whosis has delegated.

Dr. Whosis has what are called in show biz “handlers” – people who take care of the details which don’t pertain to the task for which the performer has been hired and which would distract him or her from his or her art. Oh my! What a parallel! “Distract?”

It also helps if Dr. Whosis, or the artist-rock-star, is male, because no one really, …

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Mom with ADHD Need Advice on How to Focus on Her Chores

Parenting & Attention Deficit Disorder: Moms with ADHD


I have recently been diagnosed with ADD and I strongly suspect my daughter has ADHD as well. I am the inattentive type and seem to need a lot of down time. I do things slowly and get sidetracked very easily. My daughter on the other hand is very active, demanding and wants almost constant attention. She is only 5. She is too young to understand that I have great difficulty doing even 2 things at once. I truly need advice on how to focus on my chores while never forgetting that raising my daughter lovingly is by far my most important goal. Anyway if you have any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.


Dear Mom with ADD,

You’ve done a great job of describing how AD/HD looks in a hyperactive, demanding girl as well as in her inattentive, slower-paced mother who needs downtime. We suspect

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ADD Meds & Compatibility With Breastfeeding

ADHD Medications and Breastfeeding | InfantRisk Center

Do you have any information on ADD meds and compatibility with breastfeeding? I need to continue breastfeeding my daughter (5mo) due to food allergy issues, but I also need to function in my job, which, due to a recent increase in job demands, is getting very difficult. I can only pass my inattention off as sleep deprivation for so long and my non-med coping strategies aren’t cutting it. I don’t want to have to tell my employer that I have trouble with ADD because it, well, sounds so needy to me.

I finally landed a wonderful job with great insurance and found a fabulous family practitioner who feels comfortable prescribing stimulant medication, but now I am faced with a dilemma about risk/benefits of ADD meds and breastfeeding. Is there any information out there that may shed some light?

Dear VR:
Breastfeeding is critically important to the bonding experience of …

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FDA Approves Intuniv for ADD and ADHD: Guanafacine is Newest Medication for Attention Deficit Disorders

The drug guanfacine is now approved for sale in the United States by Shire, a pharmaceutical company from England. The ADHD medication is marketed under the name Intuniv. The drug has been given the go-ahead for children age 6 to 17. Prescription strengths include 1 mg (milligram), 2 mg, 3 mg, and 4 mg. The pill is available as extended release and need only be taken once a day.

Shire is adding this as their fourth medication to be marketed in the U.S. for ADD and ADHD symptoms. Their other ADD and ADHD medications include Adderall XR, Vyvanse, and Daytrana.

Because it is non-stimulant, Intuniv addresses some of the concerns many parents have with other types of ADHD medications, including lack of sleep and inability to gain weight. According to Mike Cola, President of Shire Specialty Pharmaceuticals," Intuniv is part of an overall approach toward managing ADHD and may help …

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