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Welcome (shhh, spring is around the corner!)

Now don’t tell anyone, because that might jinx it, but in this northern area where it snows – if only in the mountains (a mere hour away if your foot is heavy) – and where it is grey for months and months, creating the illusion of high annual rainfall (when in fact, it’s not – it just drips), but which inspired the “discovery” of the disorder now known as S.A.D., or Seasonal Affective Disorder, attributable in large measure to reduced sunlit hours – hold onto your hats because this sentence will come to a close soon, and in syntactically sound condition, too – in this northern place (shhh, remember?) there are crocii blooming in front of my house right this very day.

Now. Back to this issue of ncgiadd. Valentine’s Day has come and gone with the worst of winter weather, we hope. Schools are hurtling toward spring break. We are keeping on our course of more timely publication. Next month might be even earlier – who knows? The world of AD/HD is full of surprises!

This time we’ve got a fine article on Terry Matlen’s successful work in online group coaching; another mentorship vignette; both Experts are Asked, and they Answer; we reprint a research review by David Rabiner, Ph.D. of Duke University on what factors contribute most to distress and depression in mothers of children with AD/HD (you may be surprised); and Last Words provides another take on that research; the medication study proceeds; conferences are planned; we haven’t come close to running out of artists; and Dr. Burns provides another mantra.

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