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Put Aside Some Time Each Day to Relax & Do Something You Enjoy – ADHD Mantra

Yes, I know, but you’re thinking, “Wait, I have too much to do!” Hogwash!

Okay, so you ask, “How can I accomplish this impossible feat?” My advice? Don’t ask how, or think of how: just put your feet up, watch your favorite soap opera, read a good book (no work related materials allowed here), immerse yourself in a soothing tub of warm, scented water, or just sit in your garden and meditate. The less you contemplate (which is code for “ruminate” in some people’s brains), the quicker you’ll be there.

Setting time aside for relaxation is, unfortunately, something women with AD/HD do not do well. Therefore, if you repeatedly find you are operating on fast forward and have not slowed down enough lately to smell the flowers, you may need, after all, to schedule an appointment with your very own self.

Another related problem for women with AD/HD is that they often refrain from pursuing social connections and participating in social events, because they feel they are just too busy for this kind of thing.

It’s important, however, for women with AD/HD to recognize the importance of social connection and friendship. After all, friendships have the power to rejuvenate the soul and enlighten the intellect. What better way to relax than with friends over a good meal and a fine glass of wine? Women with AD/HD, to their detriment, are notoriously good at finding excuses for why they don’t have enough time or energy for social engagements.

I suggest you adopt a new way of thinking about this. In other words, it is when you are feeling most hurried, most overwhelmed, and most crazy-busy that you should take a break from whatever it is you are engaged in — go out with friends for dinner, or grab your partner and hit the movies. A word of caution, however: disengagement will not be easy – or comfortable — at first. Stick-to-it-ive-ness is often one of the things women with AD/HD do best!

Remember, however, that in the end, how we care for ourselves will be the determining factor in the never-ending search for peace, happiness and fulfillment. Are you reading this article while talking on the phone, writing lists, or paying bills? If so, this is a good time to start. Stop what else you’re doing, print out the entire edition of the magazine, grab yourself a cold drink and head for someplace quiet.

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