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ADHD Artist – Patty Pearson

Patty Pearson, Wood Carver. I apprenticed with a master wood carver on the Southern Oregon Coast in the early 1970’s. I loved the luster of worked wood and enjoyed the physical labors of carving and sanding.

My designs have evolved from early influences of Swedish, Norwegian and early American treenware, and are now my original interpretations of the kind of tools that I like to use in my own kitchen. I have exhibited my work nationally in galleries, as well as the ACC Craft Fairs, Best of the Northwest shows, and two shows at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution.

Making a living as an artist is difficult at best. As a woman with AD/HD, I was able to be prolifically creative but had difficulty with the everyday necessities of marketing, sales and production. My ability to hyper-focus and work very hard enabled me to meet sales deadlines, but finally left me with nerve damage that ended my ability to earn a living as a wood artist.

I was diagnosed with AD/HD scarcely a year ago and now have a great deal of insight into the challenges that I faced as a working artist. At this time, I am enjoying less physically demanding art goals — and I am passionate about coaching other creative people with AD/HD, helping them to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams.


Title: Wooden Utensil Set: Purpleheart Rack, Zebrawood Pie/Quiche Server, Chechen Spurtle, Wenge Spoon, Honey Locust Right and Left-handed Spurtles.
Medium: Hand carved wooden treenware
Size: 23 inches wide, 18 inches long Weight: 4.5 lbs.


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