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ADHD Spring!

It’s warmer again – the cool mornings yield to the sun by mid-morning. Days are longer, summer seems once again possible, and we’re headed, pell-mell, to the end of school (and its structure, so for the mothers reading this, it is already time enough to be planning for some kind of substitute to get you and your family through the weeks of unregulated time stretching before you), to tall weeds, flowers, mosquitoes, sunburn and window fans.

But as the afternoon heat gives way to chilly April evenings, time seems to back up again and we are once more dashing for the sweaters, turning the heat up (what, again?) and wondering if it’s a night for the comforter, or a light blanket. And, um, where would the “light blankets” be, anyway, at your house?

This issue of ncgiadd comes to you after some of us have filed our tax returns on time, for the first time; or filed for an extension, on time. And for those who are still pushing the paperwork boulder up the hill and have yet to experience the feeling of liberation that comes with having got the job done, the good news is, that particular pleasure awaits you!

Read on for information about National Women’s Health Week, the upcoming national ADDA conference; our AD/HD mentorship duo, still at it; Andrea Collins’ research report; another artist (these keep coming); Ask the Expert from Dr. Patricia Quinn; a grippingly serious account of one woman’s years in the slough of despond, tempered only by her spirit and occasional humor; and Last Words may help you know how to evaluate the merits of all those news items that keep coming out about AD/HD – good research, or bad, well reported, or not?

We wish you well in your gardens and relationships, on walks and in classes, in your quests for excellent medical care and in finding the support you need to become more effective with every passing month.

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