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Staying Curious When it Comes to Your Health

I have a friend whose child has an autoimmune condition. I won’t go into the details of it, but essentially the immune system is doing something inappropriate in the body. It turns out this is actually a skin condition called acne inversa. This condition is affecting their esteem which is, in turn, affecting the way they want to interact with the world.

What is interesting is that their behaviour doesn’t seem to be purely emotional, but also connected to their immune system. What became apparent is that once their acne inversa was treated and their immune system calmed down – their behaviour seemed to calm down too.

I wonder if this might be more broadly applicable and if there’s a link between what might be going on with our health and what’s going on with the brain. It makes sense that what’s going on with our behaviour is not isolated from everything else going on in our body.

So today’s food for thought is to consider how one health issue might be impacting another – get curious!

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