Symptoms of ADHD in Children Relieved by Spending Time Outdoors

It’s well known that people feel restored after spending time outdoors in nature. A walk in the park helps reduce stress, elevates mood, and calms the mind. This seems to be especially true of children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Research has shown significant reductions in ADHD symptoms when children with ADHD spend time outdoors. Several follow-up studies have backed up the results and given insight into why being outside helps the brain focus.

These findings can help parents whose children do not respond to medication, as the effects seem to be true even among children who do not respond to other treatments. Best of all, green time is free, abundant, has few risks, and does not cause side effects as medications do.

A University of Illinois study had parents of 322 boys with ADHD and 84 girls with ADHD answer survey questions about their children’s after school and …

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