15-year-old Daughter With Inattentive ADHD – Zoloft & Concerta

ADHD Medications for Children: Safety, Side Effects, DosageDear Dr. Quinn,

I am writing to you as a father whose 15-year-old daughter has the inattentive subtype of ADD. She has always been a “low energy” person, and currently, despite a regimen of Zoloft 150 mg. and Concerta 36 mg. she still often complains of fatigue. Medical work-up (anemia, thyroid, etc.) has all been normal.

Is this a phenomenon you have, in your medical experience, commonly observed, and if so, how have you approached it — biologically, psychosocially? The symptom itself interferes with her motivation to participate in the flow of life.

The work of you and your colleagues is providing a very valuable public service.

Thank You

Dear Dad:

The situation you write about is common in girls with AD/HD, particularly the inattentive subtype. Dr. Russell Barkley has spoken about this and describes this type of ADD as having a “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo.” In a discussion on addconsults, …

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