15-year-old Daughter With Inattentive ADHD – Zoloft & Concerta

ADHD Medications for Children: Safety, Side Effects, DosageDear Dr. Quinn,

I am writing to you as a father whose 15-year-old daughter has the inattentive subtype of ADD. She has always been a “low energy” person, and currently, despite a regimen of Zoloft 150 mg. and Concerta 36 mg. she still often complains of fatigue. Medical work-up (anemia, thyroid, etc.) has all been normal.

Is this a phenomenon you have, in your medical experience, commonly observed, and if so, how have you approached it — biologically, psychosocially? The symptom itself interferes with her motivation to participate in the flow of life.

The work of you and your colleagues is providing a very valuable public service.

Thank You

Dear Dad:

The situation you write about is common in girls with AD/HD, particularly the inattentive subtype. Dr. Russell Barkley has spoken about this and describes this type of ADD as having a “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo.” In a discussion on addconsults, …

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One Woman’s ADHD Success Story


ADHD Success Stories: Women Who Make ADD WorkBy Kathy Swantee – It has been almost 3 years since I was diagnosed with ADD. I had picked up the book Driven to Distraction (Ratey & Hallowell) when my son was tested and found myself within the pages as well. The way I saw things, the way I did things; this was actually a cohesive explanation! The closest I had ever come to putting a finger on my difficulties had been in college. I was studying autism for a college psyche class and was struck by some of the resemblances to my own struggles. I wondered if I might have some mild form of autism…25 years later came my diagnosis of ADD, a disorder in the same spectrum as autism, if only I’d known how close I had been.

When we returned to the doctor’s to discuss treatment options for my son, we were discussing options …

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ADHD Artist – Joan Charquero

PDF) A Systematic Review on the Effect of Transcranial Direct Current and Magnetic Stimulation on Fear Memory and Extinction

Joan Charquero – I grew up in a Northwest suburb of Chicago. My mother was a very accomplished jazz and classical pianist. Much artwork was present around my home, but no one in my immediate family was active in the visual arts. However, there was a friend of the family, who took care of me on many occasions between the ages of 4 and 6. She was an artist and inspired me!

ADD seemed to be an early challenge in our family. My younger brother, like myself, displayed all the symptoms of a hyperactive child, although undiagnosed. He became passionately involved with music and I with visual arts. Presently, he is working as a professional classical guitarist, composer and music teacher. In schools, I had measurable difficulty with many aspects of learning. Although I had the desire to become a better student, everything around me seemed too confusing. The messy …

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Can ADHD Stimulant Meds Make You More Hyper?

How to tell if ADHD medication is workingDo stimulants increase hyperactivity?
Dear Dr Quinn:
I wonder if you could answer a question for me. I was Diagnosed ADHD and cannot seem to take any medication. They make me hyper. When I am really tired, I can take a small dose of Adderall. Otherwise, I feel like I am bouncing off the walls. I take the lowest dose made of Adderall. Should I try Concerta or Ritalin? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Dear JS:
I have seen this response on occasion in some of the children I have treated. However, the answer may be a little confusing. For some people with ADHD, taking a too-small dose of stimulant medication actually makes them more hyperactive. In such cases, they need to increase the dose of stimulant to get the response that they are looking for. I suggest that you speak to your prescribing physician and try a …

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Women with ADHD and Coexisting Anxiety and Depression

ADHD Symptoms Or ADHD Comorbidity? Diagnosing Related ConditionsADHD Symptoms Or ADHD Comorbidity? Diagnosing Related ConditionsThere is widespread agreement that the rates of depression and anxiety in females with ADHD is higher than that in males, and that such patterns tend to increase with age, throughout adolescence and into adulthood. Dr. Biederman has written that many women with ADHD experience what he calls “demoralization,” related to years of struggle with the challenges of ADHD, rather than having true clinical depression, characterized by vegetative signs of appetite loss and changes in sleep patterns.

Feelings of depression are so commonplace among females with ADHD that there has even been speculation that depression is one of the features of ADHD. There is much overlap between the features of depression and those of ADHD, especially in women with predominantly inattentive type ADHD. Women with Inattentive Type ADHD may be characterized as withdrawn, easily overwhelmed by daily events and demands, forgetful, disorganized, with low energy levels that make it difficult …

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Be Kind to Yourself – ADHD Mantra

AD/HD women are experts at multi-tasking and caring for everyone else around them, but they often sacrifice their own needs for the needs of those they love. You know the scenario: you have a movie date with your girlfriend or sister, and your son or daughter comes home from school and announces a desperate need for your help (“Please, Mom!!”) with a big school project due tomorrow. What do you do? My experience, both personally and professionally, leads me to believe that the majority of us would call and cancel our anticipated girls’ night out.

Let’s face it, there’s no doubt about it — it’s difficult for most women with AD/HD to attend (no pun intended) to their own needs first and foremost. Stimuli from external sources do often have a stronger cognitive “voice” than the ones coming from internal sources. However, experience tells me we can acquire both a …

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