Be Kind to Yourself – ADHD Mantra

AD/HD women are experts at multi-tasking and caring for everyone else around them, but they often sacrifice their own needs for the needs of those they love. You know the scenario: you have a movie date with your girlfriend or sister, and your son or daughter comes home from school and announces a desperate need for your help (“Please, Mom!!”) with a big school project due tomorrow. What do you do? My experience, both personally and professionally, leads me to believe that the majority of us would call and cancel our anticipated girls’ night out.

Let’s face it, there’s no doubt about it — it’s difficult for most women with AD/HD to attend (no pun intended) to their own needs first and foremost. Stimuli from external sources do often have a stronger cognitive “voice” than the ones coming from internal sources. However, experience tells me we can acquire both a …

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