Don’t Put It Down! Put it Away!

There will be no easier time than NOW.
Don’t put it down! Put it AWAY!

By Maurine Harrison- It’s a cold, dark winter morning. You can almost hear the school bus coming, but not quite. Your child has just stuffed the last misplaced book into the crumpled book bag sitting expectantly in an open front door. The outside lights are glaring so the bus driver will feel guilty if he doesn’t wait for your child to rocket out that door.

Without warning, a wrinkled paper waves frantically in front of your face, something that requires MONEY, something you “HAVE TO SIGN NOW” or today will be the end of the world. You dash for pen and wallet two rooms away and make it back just in time to scratch your name in the appropriate place (you hope). Money is ripped from your hand, almost before it’s out of your wallet.…

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Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.

Kathleen Nadeau PhD - Stephanie Sarkis PhD

Kathleen Nadeau is co-editor and co-publisher of ADDvance, A Magazine for Women with Attention Deficit Disorder, and co-publisher of Advantage Books, a specialty press that publishes books related to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. She serves on the professional advisory boards of both CHADD and ADDA, the two largest advocacy organizations focused on the needs of children and adults with AD/HD.

Dr. Nadeau is one of the first professionals to focus on adult AD/HD issues, as well as one of the first professionals to focus on the unique concerns of women and girls with AD/HD.

She is the director of the Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland, in Silver Spring, Maryland, a clinic staffed by mental health professionals who provide psycho-diagnostic testing to evaluate AD/HD, learning disabilities, and related disorders. She and her staff also provide individual, couples, group, family. Adolescent and child therapy focused on AD/HD and related issues. The Chesapeake

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