FDA Approves Intuniv for ADD and ADHD: Guanafacine is Newest Medication for Attention Deficit Disorders

The drug guanfacine is now approved for sale in the United States by Shire, a pharmaceutical company from England. The ADHD medication is marketed under the name Intuniv. The drug has been given the go-ahead for children age 6 to 17. Prescription strengths include 1 mg (milligram), 2 mg, 3 mg, and 4 mg. The pill is available as extended release and need only be taken once a day.

Shire is adding this as their fourth medication to be marketed in the U.S. for ADD and ADHD symptoms. Their other ADD and ADHD medications include Adderall XR, Vyvanse, and Daytrana.

Because it is non-stimulant, Intuniv addresses some of the concerns many parents have with other types of ADHD medications, including lack of sleep and inability to gain weight. According to Mike Cola, President of Shire Specialty Pharmaceuticals," Intuniv is part of an overall approach toward managing ADHD and may help …

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