How Does Neurofeedback Help Treat ADD/ADHD?: Treatment Helps Calm the Brain So Other Therapies Work Better

One treatment that is gaining popularity in the management of ADD/ADHD patients is neurofeedback.

What is Neurofeedback?

At its simplest neurofeedback is simply brainwave biofeedback. With neurofeedback training, a patient can learn to improve and strengthen brainwave patterns to function more effectively with better focus, organization, follow-through, and basic learning functions. What’s more, the treatment does not have any side effects as do some of the drugs used to treat ADD/ADHD. Neurofeedback works similarly for individuals suffering from autism as well as a number of other disorders.

“Neurofeedback brings down the arousal levels (in the brain) so the patient can get more out of their treatment modalities,” said Dr. Reid Schwartz, Director of Applied Psychophysiology at Neuroheath Associates in Lombard, IL in an interview. “The frequent complaint is that they (ADD/ADHD patients) are non-compliant.”

What Factors Affect Neurofeedback?

First off, it is not a panacea and is generally used in …

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