Special Treatment for ADHD Kids Causes Arguments: Is Being Allowed Special Passes to Cut Queues at Theme Parks OK?

There is currently some debate in the UK over Disability Discrimination Act legislation that allows children with ADHD to be given special passes that allow them to “queue-jump” at theme parks. If a child can prove that he has ADHD then he can be allowed to move to the front of the queue on any attraction without having to wait. This has caused some controversy over whether this is the right way to treat kids with this condition. So, is it in their best interests?

The Advantages of Not Making People With ADHD Queue

Theme park queues are notoriously long. It isn’t unusual for it to take hours to work through the line to get to the start of an attraction. ADHD sufferers do not generally find this easy. They may, for example, have problems with:

  • Concentrating long enough to stand in line
  • Understanding that they need to queue and
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