Why IBMT Can be an Effective Treatment for ADHD

IBMT or Integrative Body-Mind Training has been a major research project at both the Dalian University of Technology in China and the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon in the USA.

For over six years, Dr. Yi-Yuan Tang and Dr. Michael Posner have studied the effects of a body-mind meditation practice derived from Chinese medicine on the body, emotions and the brain.

Their research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences or PNAS, shows specifically that IBMT produces greater changes in brain and behavior than relaxation training alone.

Their research involved two groups; the experimental group was given integrative body-mind training, while the control group received relaxation training in which individuals were taught to relax the muscles of their bodies in a progressive manner using deliberate thought control.

With just 11 hours of training, practitioners of integrative body-mind training achieved far greater emotional and …

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