ADD in the Workplace – Coping with Impulsivity on the Job


In the context of ADD, impulsivity is almost always portrayed as a bad thing, a “symptom” that needs to be eliminated, a sign of the disorder. While it’s certainly true that some impulses can cause enormous harm, both to ourselves and others, it’s also true that some of our ADD impulses are right on target – those good impulses that result from a flash of creativity, humanity, or enthusiasm. The trick is to give yourself enough time between impulse and action to evaluate and engage in creative problem-solving.

Impulse Evaluation Action

Angry Impulses

“Take this job and shove it” is an impulse that many people have experienced. But most people, upon evaluation, don’t take immediate action on it. The impulse to leave the job may be a very healthy one, but the evaluation process should involve a plan of action that doesn’t hurt you or others in the process. …

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