ADHD – the Changing of the Seasons

Spring has sprung, even in the hinterlands. We hope this issue of ADDvance comes to you as the rays of first warming sunshine wend their way through tree limbs fat with buds. Robins are back in the north, and probably radishes are up in southern gardens.

For the woman with AD/HD, the changing of the seasons — no matter how consistent and predictable, no matter how organic and non-arbitrary – can come as a shock. “I’m not ready!” is a familiar refrain. Holiday decorations still scattered about in unclosed boxes ought to have been a signal to the crocuses that it’s not time, yet. But Nature does what it does, and we hang onto her shirttails, setting out fall-planting bulbs in March. A certain feel to the air, a certain way the light looks different now, has some of us simply dreading the oncoming good weather. Our minds turn …

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11-Year-Old Girl with ADHD and Anxiety

HELP FOR 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL: Dr. Quinn Answers a Mother’s Questions

Dear Dr. Quinn:
This combination of coexisting conditions can sometimes be difficult to treat as stimulants often make the anxiety worse.

You may need to treat the anxiety first with a drug like Celexa or Effexor (both are SSRI antidepressants). Then you need to add a low dose of stimulant to treat the focusing, attention, and ODD problems.

We did find success with Effexor 150mg once a day. She is still having focusing problems and she has some authority problems. (She was also diagnosed with a smidge of ODD).

You have yet to treat your daughter’s ADHD and ODD. Ask your physician about a low dose of stimulant. Starting low and gradually increasing the dose usually allows for improvement of symptoms without side effects or making other symptoms worse.

She is being home-schooled this year since her school district would …

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Keep warm…

Baby, it's cold outside: how to save energy and keep warm this winter | Smarter House


It’s cold most places where you are reading, and it’s been cold for the writers. Holidays have come and gone, and now we settle in for the dark days and nights to wait for the first crocus. This issue of ncgiadd Online Magazine may tide you over in the flower department: we feature the personal account of a woman who was able to truly make art her work after her diagnosis and treatment with psychostimulant medication, and she paints, among other things, flowers!

We also bring you an opportunity to participate in research on women and medication treatment; one of our articles describes the study and links you to the site so you can be included.

There’s more: our mentoring relationship, wobbling through the holidays, is being taken up, and you can read along to see how Emily will learn from Sara as they exchange E-mails over the next …

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