Expanding our Thinking About ADHD Diagnostic Criteria

This is in response to the article citing comparisons between boys and girls diagnosed (Oct., 2002) with AD/HD:

“These statistics don’t represent how many girls have ADHD, but rather how many girls with AD/HD were diagnosed with AD/HD at the time of the survey, during which time DSM-IV criteria were presumably used to make these diagnoses. These findings suggest that more attention is now being paid to girls’ learning problems.”

Funny that AD/HD should be called “learning problems,” as if that’s all ADD is.

But to my major point: I agree the diagnostic criteria have got to be changed to coincide with the symptoms girls have which persist for years to the extent that we are being diagnosed in adulthood, without doubt from our doctors (many of them) and a part of the diagnostic interview pertains specifically to childhood patterns!!

This is ironic, and tragic.

The current criteria are adequate, …

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