Controlling Screen Addiction

Do you often miss important appointments, punch in late to work, fix cereal again for your family’s “dinner”, stay up until 3 a.m., not even go to the bathroom when you need to and want to? Have you been mesmerized by the computer screen, feel compelled to keep on working, play solitaire or “Mienstein” repeatedly, surf the shopping channels like your fingers and the mouse are super-glued together? You wanted to stop a half hour or two hours ago, but “just once more” zips through your brain, again and again. You wish you had a wireless laptop so you could take it to bed and fall asleep playing one last game of FreeCell. Does someone shouting: “All you ever do is sit at that d—– computer!” have a familiar ring to it?

A patient I will call Dorothy phoned our office yesterday. She said the medicine the doctor had prescribed …

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