Smell the Air, See the Light

Smell the air, see the light coming through branches perceptibly dulled, though yet green; step outside and smell the light night air, with just the beginnings of fall-feel to its breezes. Early in the morning when you’re out for your daily constitutional (you have begun your walking routine, yes?), listen, and you’ll hear fewer bees and the robins, if chirping at all, sound less cheery.

They may not lack for good cheer so much as for a certain expectation — that tone particular to spring, which recalls, each year, the approach of another season of warmth and no jackets; of lengthening days, stretching ahead into the vague distance of time. Robins tell us we need not, briefly, try to remember, to keep in mind, Time as a Commodity to be saved, or spent, wasted, made up, lost or — wonder of wonders – found.

Stores are selling school supplies …

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