ADHD – Is it the Brain? Or the Medicine?

A Plan is not a fantasy:
Somewhere along the road from diagnosis to reasonable adjustment, one discovers the massive but elusive distinction between a Plan, and an Idea. When people discuss broken “commitments,” one wonders if they are, in fact, Commitments (as in, Plans), or are more like Ideas of what you Ought To Do, Want To Do, Could Do, Should Do, would like to Have Done, even Intend To Do. The category for what I Will Actually Do is much, much smaller than one imagines, and explains the many things, um, Not Done.

Performance problems:
Self esteem in our culture comes not so much from “feeling good” about oneself, but from doing what is esteemable. Children with performance problems are particularly at risk here. No matter how positive, and kind, and understanding, a child’s world is, she still has herself to live with. It appears, from my observations, that

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