ADDADHD and Fibromyalgia (FMS): Where Is the Connection?

We will refer to both ADHD and ADD as “ADD.” We encourage you to: 1) forget any preconceived ideas about what ADD is or isnÍt; 2) read with an open mind; 3) seek to learn all you can about adult ADD.

Two years ago we raised the question, “Is there a connection [between ADD and FMS]?”(2). We believe there is, since ADD and FMS: a) respond to the same medications (stimulants), b) have similar symptoms, c) run in the same families.

An ADD work-up typically evaluates emotional and behavioral, but not physical, symptoms, whereas an FMS work-up usually evaluates physical, but not emotional or behavioral, symptoms. But when ADD and FMS patients are asked the same questions, the similarities between these two conditions are more obvious. NOTE: There is no advantage for an ADD patient to seek a FMS diagnosis, and there may be disadvantages. Stimulants

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