Healthy Habits and ADHD: Food for Thought

Brain Food: 11 ADHD Diet, Nutrition, and Supplement Rules

An unfortunate schism has existed in the world of AD/HD for many years. “Mainstream” medical researchers, more familiar with the arsenal of pharmaceuticals available to treat AD/HD, have tended to ignore or discount “alternative” approaches. Meanwhile, the “alternative” crowd has demonized the use of stimulant medication, grossly exaggerating or distorting the facts.

In the controversial world of AD/HD, people declare themselves to be in the “medication camp” or the “anti-medication camp.” For many years, individuals have asked about dietary approaches or nutritional supplements that could “treat” AD/HD in place of stimulant medication. Such a question is born of this false dichotomy – an either/or presumption. Rather than asking “What can I take instead of stimulant medication?” a better question is, “What are all the steps I can take to enhance my cognitive and emotional functioning?”

Medication remains the most powerful and proven way to reduce AD/HD symptoms, however not all …

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