ADHD, Medication and Pregnancy: Questions and Answers


Dear Dr Quinn,
For the past 2 years I have been taking 20 mg of Adderall daily for adult ADD and seem to have been doing fine. It helps me control outbursts of anger and aided primarily in anxiety management. Recently, however, I learned that I am pregnant so I stopped taking the Adderall altogether. However, I find that my temper seems to flare up and the anxiety and depression have been over-whelming at times.

While I am under the impression that a class ā€œCā€ drug is not advisable to take during the first trimester, I find that taking just 10mg every 3rd day seems to make coping much easier. Is taking Adderall during pregnancy totally forbidden? What has been the experience and or clinical test results been of others taking this medication before and or during pregnancy? Can you direct me to more details regarding my issue?

Thank …

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