Last Words by Dr. Davenport

21 Doctors And Nurses Share The Creepiest Last Words Uttered By A Patient Before Dying | Thought Catalog

A Quiz, for which there is no answer key; it is meant to evoke thought, ideas, conversation and – maybe – action:

A briefcase is for:
___ storage
___ transportation
___ temporary housing
___ stand-in picnic basket


When you are at lunch with friends or colleagues and your watch alarm rings, signaling you the time for your next dose of medication, you do the following:
___ turn it off and quietly take your medication
___ turn it off
___ turn it off, excuse yourself from the table, and take your medication in the ladies’ room
___ fumble about, go red in the face, explain to everyone about your medicine, your diagnosis, symptoms, and get mixed up before you’re through, forgetting whether you actually took it, or not
___ what alarm watch?


When you are late for a meeting again, you:
___ decide there have been too many of
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