Children With ADHD Have Extra to Learn

Delegate. This is what we read, and hear, that as adults we are to do when it comes to those tasks at which we do not — and do not expect to — excel. When one looks up, or forward to those ahead on the trail of reh-ADD-ilitation, one can tell, as likely as not, that one reason Dr. Whosis does so well, turns out the work, gets the speaking engagements right, and to the airports on time, is that the illustrious Dr. Whosis has delegated.

Dr. Whosis has what are called in show biz “handlers” – people who take care of the details which don’t pertain to the task for which the performer has been hired and which would distract him or her from his or her art. Oh my! What a parallel! “Distract?”

It also helps if Dr. Whosis, or the artist-rock-star, is male, because no one really, …

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Mom with ADHD Need Advice on How to Focus on Her Chores

Parenting & Attention Deficit Disorder: Moms with ADHD


I have recently been diagnosed with ADD and I strongly suspect my daughter has ADHD as well. I am the inattentive type and seem to need a lot of down time. I do things slowly and get sidetracked very easily. My daughter on the other hand is very active, demanding and wants almost constant attention. She is only 5. She is too young to understand that I have great difficulty doing even 2 things at once. I truly need advice on how to focus on my chores while never forgetting that raising my daughter lovingly is by far my most important goal. Anyway if you have any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.


Dear Mom with ADD,

You’ve done a great job of describing how AD/HD looks in a hyperactive, demanding girl as well as in her inattentive, slower-paced mother who needs downtime. We suspect

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