ADD Meds & Compatibility With Breastfeeding

ADHD Medications and Breastfeeding | InfantRisk Center

Do you have any information on ADD meds and compatibility with breastfeeding? I need to continue breastfeeding my daughter (5mo) due to food allergy issues, but I also need to function in my job, which, due to a recent increase in job demands, is getting very difficult. I can only pass my inattention off as sleep deprivation for so long and my non-med coping strategies aren’t cutting it. I don’t want to have to tell my employer that I have trouble with ADD because it, well, sounds so needy to me.

I finally landed a wonderful job with great insurance and found a fabulous family practitioner who feels comfortable prescribing stimulant medication, but now I am faced with a dilemma about risk/benefits of ADD meds and breastfeeding. Is there any information out there that may shed some light?

Dear VR:
Breastfeeding is critically important to the bonding experience of …

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