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It's what I've wanted: readers galvanized by interest, desire, appreciation, curiosity - sufficiently motivated to write to us with questions and comments and sometimes funny remarks.

This month we bring you the usuals: Ask the Expert, this time, from the husband of a woman with ADD; more from our mentoring duo; a mantra, number four; another Artist of the month; a book review in honor of Mothers Day just past (and a discount on the book); and a couple of Letters from the treasure trove (we're not going to deluge you with them all at once - they're to be savored). Last Words pertain to that sinkhole known as "Transitions," which everybody knows are difficult, but does anybody know why? And we have, auspiciously, another visit from Maurine Harrison, this time writing about anybody's grandmother's remarks: you'll recognize them. And, Maurine is still working away at her book, of which this is one piece.

Next month, watch for a new voice: a mother (get this) with AD/HD and seven children (some with, some without), and a husband (with); a master's degree that makes her a coach for people with AD/HD and how she does it, well, we'll maybe find out.

We also expect to hear more from Joanne Ellis, who, "Having Arrived" on our pages, is being goaded now to get her book done, too!

It's been quiet, lately; an awful lot of people have been in St. Louis at the ADDA conference; next month watch for some reports on that event. In the meantime, you can go to the link http://www.add.org/conferences/ and see what was cooking there.

The Parenting Guidelines for ADD Mothers have been delayed and will reach this site in maybe a month; we'll let you know when they are available to read. Thanks for all the interest; and our apologies for the delay.

Summer is around the corner; please be sure and read the Letter in this issue inviting reader responses. Save some time for this, because I want them!

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Vol. 2, #11,
May 2004



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