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To the editors:

I researched your site before joining. I've been trying to get a crow bar into my S.O. (Significant Other's) pocket (rather, credit card) for some time now to pay the membership fee. Tonight he asked me which flowers I wanted for Mother's Day -- looked like an open opportunity to me.

Flowers, $39.00 Membership $35.00 -- I opted for the membership.

He is "thrifty," I'm practical -- which is why he rarely does "surprise gifts." He saved $4.00 on a gift that will last longer and be much harder to kill.

A New Member from Texas

Dear "New Member:"

We are delighted to have you, and Mother's Day is a fine time to join. Not only that, but an annual renewal should be easy; no choices to make and the crowbar wedged in to the right place with a little bargaining room to spare. Well done!

Betsy Davenport, Ph.D.

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Dear Dr. Davenport,

I have a middle-school aged daughter with inattentive type ADD and recently subscribed to your newsletter. It is great to finally have something that is specifically about women and girls. I have a suggestion, which may sound off the wall, but I hope you will consider it.

You have many women who read your newsletter, and I would love for there to be a way to connect the parents of the girls with the adult women. All the professionals are wonderful resources, but I wish I could ask some of the women their views about my questions too. They lived through their mothers' mistakes, and I wish I could ask them so that I don't make the same mistakes.
Thanks for considering this,

Elana Artson

Dear Elana,

Thank you very much for writing. Your suggestion is of considerable interest to us - and though I know you were inquiring after a somewhat larger set of people with whom to interact about this subject, it might have escaped your attention that the professional women who write for ADDvance Magazine are women with ADD who were once girls the age of your daughter. So you are reading professional quality counsel from women who have trod the same path your daughter walks, though in most cases without the benefit of diagnosis, treatment, or you for a mother!

As for your suggestion, it is hardly off the wall; it might be cumbersome, however. There are a number of E-mail lists in existence, which are explicitly for the discussion of raising children with AD/HD. You might also check with CHADD as a potential resource as well.

What we might do in the magazine is this: if you would like to submit to me a series of questions you'd like to hear answers and comments about, we could publish one each month and accept answers for a limited time; and then I'd compile them for a subsequent edition of the magazine. I am quite captivated by this idea, really. (If readers want to be put into direct contact with each other, they would have to say so in the body of their E-mail in order to have the E-mail address included in the compilation of answers; otherwise we would not publish contact information.)

What do you say? And, readers all: are you interested? Imagine if when you were in middle school your mother had written (had had a place to which she could write!) and asked the question Elana has asked. How might things have been different? This seems like one of those enterprises in which anyone can participate and be helpful.

Thank you so much for writing, and for caring about your daughter in such a concrete way.

Betsy Davenport, Ph.D.

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Vol. 2, #11,
May 2004



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