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Dr. Quinn

Hi there,

My wife was diagnosed with ADD when she was a child. Her mother did not want to give her Ritalin. She is now 35. I sense sometimes she has no control when it comes to her temper. She says she has learned to live with ADD and channel it to her advantage, but I am not sure she sees this part of it. We have two daughters and I would like to know if they need to be checked for ADD. They are going on 2 and 3 years old.

Thank you,
Michael D.

Hi, Michael:

First, your wife should read all she can about AD/HD and how it can affect her as an adult woman. I suggest Sari Solden's Women With Attention Disorder and our Understanding Women with ADHD -- both are available on www.amazon.com or www.addvance.com.

There is also plenty she can do to make life easier for herself and for your family right now. In about a month, we will have a Parenting Guide for mothers who have AD/HD themselves. It will be offered free on the www.ncgiadd.org website. Come by in a month or so to get it for her. By the way, there are plenty of newer long-acting medications out there that weren't available when she was younger that can make a difference. Many women tell me that on these newer medications for the first time in their life they feel in control of their emotions.

Regarding your daughters ... they are still quite young but should be observed for possible AD/HD. You might read an article we have on www.addvance.com, "Is Your Daughter Chatty Cathy, Shy Samantha, Tomboy Tara or Crybaby Christine?" All of these can be presentations of AD/HD in young girls. Remember, it is never too early to diagnose AD/HD and if we intervene early we can make a difference in self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and anxiety and depression.

Thanks for writing. Your wife and daughters are very fortunate that you care so much about them.

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May 2004



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