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The National Center for Girls and Women
with AD/HD

Promoting awareness, advocacy, and research on AD/HD in women and girls.

The principal aims of the National Center for Girls and Women with AD/HD are to raise awareness of the impact of AD/HD on girls and women and to disseminate information about AD/HD in females to a broad spectrum of the population including: families, medical and mental health professionals, educators, the media, and women of all ages.

Public Outreach and Education

Through Center sponsored seminars, newsletters, press releases, publications, monographs, and its website, parents, professionals, and educators will be able to obtain the most current information on diagnosis and treatment of AD/HD in females across the lifespan. In addition, the struggles of women and girls with AD/HD will be highlighted through the production by the Center of various programming and videos that will be made available to organizations and for public broadcast.

Sponsorship of Research

The Center will create a forum for supporting research on issues relating to girls and women with AD/HD with a particular emphasis on the need to develop more gender specific diagnostic criteria and more gender appropriate treatment.

Partnership with Other Organizations

Such as: CHADD, National ADDA, Center for the Advancement of Children’s Mental Health, LD-online, National Center for Women’s Health, HEATH


The National Center for Girls and Women with AD/HD was initially a membership organization. However, in 2006 the organization stopped collecting dues and made all services free to anyone with an interest and a need to know.


Donations are gladly accepted and indeed are necessary to carry out our mission. Donations may be made payable to The National Center for Girls and Women with AD/HD, 3268 Arcadia Place, NW Washington, DC 20015 and are tax-deductible. The Center is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization under the IRS.

To make a donation online, click here.


As with any small organization, volunteers are always needed. Contact us at contact@ncgiadd.org to let us know you are interested in helping. We can put your talent, experience, and willingness to help others to good use.

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